Gerard Downey
Gerard Downey
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Hyperspectral imaging–an emerging process analytical tool for food quality and safety control
AA Gowen, CP O'Donnell, PJ Cullen, G Downey, JM Frias
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Recent technological advances for the determination of food authenticity
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Breaking with trends in pre-processing?
J Engel, J Gerretzen, E Szymańska, JJ Jansen, G Downey, L Blanchet, ...
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Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy Coupled with Chemometrics: A Tool for the Analysis of Intact Food Systems and the Exploration of Their Molecular Structure− Quality Relationships− A …
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Effect of thermal and high pressure processing on antioxidant activity and instrumental colour of tomato and carrot purées
A Patras, N Brunton, S Da Pieve, F Butler, G Downey
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Multivariate class modeling for the verification of food-authenticity claims
P Oliveri, G Downey
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Application of principal component and hierarchical cluster analysis to classify fruits and vegetables commonly consumed in Ireland based on< i> in vitro</i> antioxidant activity
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Preliminary contribution to the characterisation of artisanal honey produced on the island of Ireland by palynological and physico-chemical data
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Food and food ingredient authentication by mid-infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics
G Downey
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Near-and mid-infrared spectroscopies in food authentication: coffee varietal identification
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Preventing over‐fitting in PLS calibration models of near‐infrared (NIR) spectroscopy data using regression coefficients
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Prediction of beef eating quality from colour, marbling and wavelet texture features
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A review of near infrared spectroscopy in muscle food analysis: 2005–2010
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Better quality food and beverages: the role of near infrared spectroscopy
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Review: Authentication of food and food ingredients by near infrared spectroscopy
G Downey
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Initial study of honey adulteration by sugar solutions using midinfrared (MIR) spectroscopy and chemometrics
JFD Kelly, G Downey, V Fouratier
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 52 (1), 33-39, 2004
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