Dharavath Kishan
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Performance analysis of series/parallel and dual side LCC compensation topologies of inductive power transfer for EV battery charging system
PSR Nayak, D Kishan
Frontiers in Energy 14, 166-179, 2020
Wireless power transfer technologies for electric vehicle battery charging—A state of the art
D Kishan, PSR Nayak
2016 International Conference on Signal Processing, Communication, Power and …, 2016
Performance constrained multi-application network on chip core mapping
BNK Reddy, D Kishan, BV Vani
International Journal of Speech Technology 22, 927-936, 2019
Investigation of MI between circular spiral coils with misalignments for EV battery charging
P Srinivasa Rao Nayak, D Kishan, P Annaiah
IET Science, Measurement & Technology 12 (7), 844-850, 2018
Design and analysis of SS resonant IPT system with computed mutual inductance through FEM model
PSR Nayak, D Kishan
2018 International Conference on Power, Instrumentation, Control and …, 2018
Magnetic coupling characteristics of spiral square-circular coupled coils for wireless EV battery charging system
D Kishan, M Vinod, N Harischandrappa
2020 IEEE 17th India Council International Conference (INDICON), 1-5, 2020
High frequency isolated bidirectional dual active bridge DC-DC converters and its application to distributed energy systems: an overview
K Bathala, D Kishan, N Harischandrappa
International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive Systems (IJPEDS) 14 (2 …, 2023
Three-leg dc–dc converter for efficient inductive power transfer of electric vehicles for wide-range battery applications
M Vinod, D Kishan, BD Reddy
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 38 (8), 9317-9321, 2023
Current source isolated bidirectional series resonant DC-DC converter for solar power/fuel cell and energy storage application
K Bathala, D Kishan, N Harischandrappa
IECON 2021–47th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society …, 2021
Primary side control strategies for battery charging regulation in wireless power transfer systems for EV applications
M Vinod, D Kishan, R Kannan, A Iqbal, S Mohammed Sulthan
IET Power Electronics, 2024
Improved power quality of single phase on-board charger with wide voltage conversion range
B Vinusha, R Kalpana, D Kishan
2023 IEEE IAS Global Conference on Renewable Energy and Hydrogen …, 2023
Comparative Analysis of Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithms for Standalone PV System Under Variable Weather Conditions
A Ghatak, T Pandit, D Kishan, R Raushan
Distributed Generation & Alternative Energy Journal, 215-248, 2023
A Technological Research on Electric Vehicles Charging Approaches and Optimization Methods
BV Vani, D Kishan, MW Ahmad, S Hanumanthakari, BNK Reddy
2022 IEEE 12th Symposium on Computer Applications & Industrial Electronics …, 2022
Comparative Analysis of Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Phase Shift Control Strategy for Resonant Wireless Inductive Charging System
M Vinod, D Kishan, N Harishchandrappa, BD Reddy
2021 IEEE International Power and Renewable Energy Conference (IPRECON), 1-6, 2021
Analysis of Mutual Inductance between Asymmetrical Spiral Circular Coils of WIPTS for EV Battery Charging
D Kishan, M Vinod
2020 IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Computing and …, 2020
Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage: Emerging Technologies and Developments
D Kishan, R Kannan, BD Reddy, P Prabhakaran
CRC Press, 2023
An efficient optimization algorithm for electric vehicle routing problem
BV Vani, D Kishan, MW Ahmad, CRP Reddy
IET Power Electronics, 2023
Single-Phase Single Stage High Gain Six Switch Four-Port Converter
MR Reddy, BD Reddy, P Prajof, D Kishan
2022 IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy …, 2022
Composite control design for in-wheel drive electric vehicle with unknown disturbances and input delay
VR Chiliveri, R Kalpana, D Kishan
2022 IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy …, 2022
Implementation of Identical Spiral Square Inductive Coils for Wireless EV Battery Charging Application
D Kishan, PSR Nayak, BNK Reddy
Iranian Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 16 (1), 66-73, 2020
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