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Vegetable oil-based nanofluid minimum quantity lubrication turning: Academic review and perspectives
X Wang, C Li, Y Zhang, W Ding, M Yang, T Gao, H Cao, X Xu, D Wang, ...
Journal of Manufacturing Processes 59, 76-97, 2020
Effects of hybrid Al2O3-CNT nanofluids and cryogenic cooling on machining of Ti–6Al–4V
M Jamil, AM Khan, H Hegab, L Gong, M Mia, MK Gupta, N He
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 102, 3895-3909, 2019
Minimum quantity lubrication machining of aeronautical materials using carbon group nanolubricant: from mechanisms to application
CUI Xin, LI Changhe, D Wenfeng, C Yun, MAO Cong, XU Xuefeng, LIU Bo, ...
Chinese Journal of Aeronautics 35 (11), 85-112, 2022
Cryogenic minimum quantity lubrication machining: from mechanism to application
M Liu, C Li, Y Zhang, Q An, M Yang, T Gao, C Mao, B Liu, H Cao, X Xu, ...
Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering 16 (4), 649-697, 2021
A comprehensive review on minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) in machining processes using nano-cutting fluids
Z Said, M Gupta, H Hegab, N Arora, AM Khan, M Jamil, E Bellos
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 105, 2057-2086, 2019
Carbon fiber reinforced polymer in drilling: From damage mechanisms to suppression
T Gao, C Li, Y Wang, X Liu, Q An, HN Li, Y Zhang, H Cao, B Liu, D Wang, ...
Composite Structures 286, 115232, 2022
Nano-enhanced biolubricant in sustainable manufacturing: from processability to mechanisms
Y Zhang, HN Li, C Li, C Huang, HM Ali, X Xu, C Mao, W Ding, X Cui, ...
Friction 10 (6), 803-841, 2022
Biological stability of water-based cutting fluids: progress and application
L Tang, Y Zhang, C Li, Z Zhou, X Nie, Y Chen, H Cao, B Liu, N Zhang, ...
Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering 35, 1-24, 2022
Circulating purification of cutting fluid: an overview
X Wu, C Li, Z Zhou, X Nie, Y Chen, Y Zhang, H Cao, B Liu, N Zhang, ...
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 117 (9-10 …, 2021
Milling force model for aviation aluminum alloy: academic insight and perspective analysis
Z Duan, C Li, W Ding, Y Zhang, M Yang, T Gao, H Cao, X Xu, D Wang, ...
Chinese journal of mechanical engineering 34 (1), 1-35, 2021
Extreme pressure and antiwear additives for lubricant: academic insights and perspectives
H Li, Y Zhang, C Li, Z Zhou, X Nie, Y Chen, H Cao, B Liu, N Zhang, Z Said, ...
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 120 (1-2), 1-27, 2022
Investigations of machining characteristics in the upgraded MQL-assisted turning of pure titanium alloys using evolutionary algorithms
G Singh, CI Pruncu, MK Gupta, M Mia, AM Khan, M Jamil, DY Pimenov, ...
Materials 12 (6), 999, 2019
Cutting fluid corrosion inhibitors from inorganic to organic: Progress and applications
H Li, Y Zhang, C Li, Z Zhou, X Nie, Y Chen, H Cao, B Liu, N Zhang, Z Said, ...
Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 39 (5), 1107-1134, 2022
Experimental characterisation of the performance of hybrid cryo-lubrication assisted turning of Ti–6Al–4V alloy
MK Gupta, Q Song, Z Liu, M Sarikaya, M Jamil, M Mia, N Khanna, ...
Tribology International 153, 106582, 2021
Advances in fabrication of ceramic corundum abrasives based on sol–gel process
B Huang, LI Changhe, Y Zhang, D Wenfeng, Y Min, Y Yuying, Z Han, ...
Chinese Journal of Aeronautics 34 (6), 1-17, 2021
Sustainable milling of Ti–6Al–4V: A trade-off between energy efficiency, carbon emissions and machining characteristics under MQL and cryogenic environment
M Jamil, W Zhao, N He, MK Gupta, M Sarikaya, AM Khan, S Siengchin, ...
Journal of cleaner production 281, 125374, 2021
Novel Muntingia Calabura bark fiber reinforced green-epoxy composite: A sustainable and green material for cleaner production
A Vinod, TGY Gowda, R Vijay, MR Sanjay, MK Gupta, M Jamil, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 294, 126337, 2021
Cooling techniques to improve the machinability and sustainability of light-weight alloys: A state-of-the-art review
M Sarikaya, MK Gupta, I Tomaz, M Danish, M Mia, S Rubaiee, M Jamil, ...
Journal of Manufacturing Processes 62, 179-201, 2021
Energy-based cost integrated modelling and sustainability assessment of Al-GnP hybrid nanofluid assisted turning of AISI52100 steel
AM Khan, MK Gupta, H Hegab, M Jamil, M Mia, N He, Q Song, Z Liu, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 257, 120502, 2020
Performance evaluation of vegetable oil-based nano-cutting fluids in environmentally friendly machining of inconel-800 alloy
MK Gupta, M Jamil, X Wang, Q Song, Z Liu, M Mia, H Hegab, AM Khan, ...
Materials 12 (17), 2792, 2019
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