Blake Marshall
Blake Marshall
Electrical Engineering Graduate Student, Georgia Tech
Adresă de e-mail confirmată pe gatech.edu
Citat de
Citat de
Multi-antenna techniques for enabling passive RFID tags and sensors at microwave frequencies
MS Trotter, CR Valenta, GA Koo, BR Marshall, GD Durgin
2012 IEEE International Conference on RFID (RFID), 1-7, 2012
Parametric analysis and design guidelines of RF-to-DC Dickson charge pumps for RFID energy harvesting
BR Marshall, MM Morys, GD Durgin
2015 IEEE International Conference on RFID (RFID), 32-39, 2015
Modulation and sensitivity limits for backscatter receivers
GD Durgin, CR Valenta, MB Akbar, MM Morys, BR Marshall, Y Lu
2013 IEEE International Conference on RFID (RFID), 124-130, 2013
RF Backscatter Sensor for Measuring Moisture and Other Biological Data
G Durgin, B Marshall, D Bradley, A Kirsch
US Patent App. 14/291,458, 2014
Staggered pattern charge collection: Antenna technique to improve RF energy harvesting
BR Marshall, GD Durgin
2013 IEEE International Conference on RFID (RFID), 30-35, 2013
Disabling stylus to prevent worn tip performance degradation and screen damage
BR Marshall, S Apexit, AY Benbasat, LQ Tan, P Bhandari, RN MAHALATI, ...
US Patent 9,904,379, 2018
DC power pattern analysis of N-by-N staggered pattern charge collector and N2 rectenna array
BR Marshall, CR Valenta, GD Durgin
2013 IEEE Wireless Power Transfer (WPT), 115-118, 2013
Active stylus precision tip
P Bhandari, BR Marshall, LQ Tan, RN MAHALATI, AN Zimmerman, ...
US Patent 10,198,089, 2019
Capacitive wireless charging systems
B Jiang, BR Marshall, IS Sen, L Tan, RN MAHALATI, Y Jiang, M Narang
US Patent 10,739,871, 2020
Inductive interconnection system
BR Marshall, FW Ow, JN Ruscher, L Tan, AN Zimmerman, RN MAHALATI, ...
US Patent 10,725,515, 2020
Electrostatic discharge robust design for input device
DJB Bechstein, M Khorrami, V Ayanoor-Vitikkate, BR Marshall, Z Wang, ...
US Patent App. 17/031,570, 2022
Shield electrode for input device
DJB Bechstein, JS Smith, S Shekar, T Songatikamas, EM Kibiti, ...
US Patent 11,460,933, 2022
Hybrid connector
RN MAHALATI, BR Marshall, L Tan, FW Ow, AC Yeung, J Raff, R Scritzky, ...
US Patent 10,707,627, 2020
Staggered pattern energy harvesting and retro-directive backscatter communications for passive RFID tags and sensors
BR Marshall
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018
Staggered pattern charge collector design and optimization
BR Marshall, GD Durgin
2013 IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium, 67-69, 2013
Touch-based input for stylus
BR Marshall, RN MAHALATI, WK Low, I Bentov, AKAK SHENOI, S Datta, ...
US Patent App. 17/729,908, 2022
Electronic device having an inductive charging system
JN Ruscher, BR Marshall, M Soldano, L Tan, TK Moyer, RN MAHALATI, ...
US Patent App. 16/568,066, 2020
Touch sensor excitation using transformer
M Nussbaum, BR Marshall, JP Marini, LQ Tan
US Patent 10,585,502, 2020
Capacitive keyboard having variable make points
BR Marshall, L Tan
US Patent 9,632,591, 2017
Urodynamic catheter moisture sensor: A novel device to improve leak point pressure detection
BR Marshall, AM Arlen, AJ Kirsch
Neurourology and Urodynamics 35 (5), 647-648, 2016
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