Danay Carrillo Nieves
Danay Carrillo Nieves
Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
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Improvement of biogas production from oil palm empty fruit bunches (OPEFB)
DC Nieves, K Karimi, IS Horváth
Industrial Crops and Products 34 (1), 1097-1101, 2011
Current status and future trends of bioethanol production from agro-industrial wastes in Mexico
D Carrillo-Nieves, MJR Alanís, R de la Cruz Quiroz, HA Ruiz, HMN Iqbal, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 102, 63-74, 2019
Algal-based removal strategies for hazardous contaminants from the environment–a review
SN Tolboom, D Carrillo-Nieves, M de Jesús Rostro-Alanis, ...
Science of the Total Environment 665, 358-366, 2019
Biotransformation of lignocellulosic biomass into industrially relevant products with the aid of fungi-derived lignocellulolytic enzymes
S Saldarriaga-Hernández, C Velasco-Ayala, PLI Flores, ...
International journal of biological macromolecules 161, 1099-1116, 2020
Phyco-remediation of swine wastewater as a sustainable model based on circular economy
IY López-Pacheco, A Silva-Núñez, JS García-Perez, D Carrillo-Nieves, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 278, 111534, 2021
Bioinspired biomolecules: Mycosporine-like amino acids and scytonemin from Lyngbya sp. with UV-protection potentialities
S Fuentes-Tristan, R Parra-Saldivar, HMN Iqbal, D Carrillo-Nieves
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 201, 111684, 2019
Combination of nejayote and swine wastewater as a medium for Arthrospira maxima and Chlorella vulgaris production and wastewater treatment
IY López-Pacheco, D Carrillo-Nieves, C Salinas-Salazar, A Silva-Núñez, ...
Science of the total environment 676, 356-367, 2019
Enzymatic hydrolysis of chemically pretreated mango stem bark residues at high solid loading
DC Nieves, HA Ruiz, LZ de Cárdenas, GM Alvarez, CN Aguilar, A Ilyina, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 83, 500-508, 2016
Valorization of pelagic sargassum biomass into sustainable applications: Current trends and challenges
F Amador-Castro, T García-Cayuela, HS Alper, V Rodriguez-Martinez, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 283, 112013, 2021
Light Intensity and Nitrogen Concentration Impact on the Biomass and Phycoerythrin Production by Porphyridium purpureum
JE Sosa-Hernández, LI Rodas-Zuluaga, C Castillo-Zacarías, ...
Marine drugs 17 (8), 460, 2019
Biotransformation of agro-industrial waste to produce lignocellulolytic enzymes and bioethanol with a zero waste
D Carrillo-Nieves, S Saldarriaga-Hernandez, G Gutiérrez-Soto, ...
Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 1-12, 2020
Microalgae-based livestock wastewater treatment (MbWT) as a circular bioeconomy approach: Enhancement of biomass productivity, pollutant removal and high-value compound production
A López-Sánchez, AL Silva-Gálvez, Ó Aguilar-Juárez, C Senés-Guerrero, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 308, 114612, 2022
Botryococcus braunii as a bioreactor for the production of nanoparticles with antimicrobial potentialities
A Arévalo-Gallegos, JS Garcia-Perez, D Carrillo-Nieves, ...
International Journal of Nanomedicine 13, 5591, 2018
Robust natural ultraviolet filters from marine ecosystems for the formulation of environmental friendlier bio-sunscreens
F Amador-Castro, V Rodriguez-Martinez, D Carrillo-Nieves
Science of the Total Environment 749, 141576, 2020
An integrated approach for the assessment of environmental sustainability in agro-industrial waste management practices: the case of the tequila industry
D Diaz-Vazquez, D Carrillo-Nieves, DA Orozco-Nunnelly, ...
Frontiers in Environmental Science, 229, 2021
Seasonal characterization and quantification of biomolecules from Sargassum collected from Mexican Caribbean coast–a preliminary study as a step forward to blue economy
S Saldarriaga-Hernandez, EM Melchor-Martínez, D Carrillo-Nieves, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 298, 113507, 2021
Kinetic of biogas production from oil palm empty fruit bunches
D Carillo-Nieves, L Zumalacárregui-de Cárdenas, R Franco-Rico, ...
Dyna 81 (187), 96-101, 2014
Utilization of lignocellulose-based orange peel waste for induced sporulation of Trichoderma asperellum via box-behnken matrix design
R de la Cruz-Quiroz, D Carrillo-Nieves, P Aguilar-Zárate, ...
BioResources 13 (2), 3971-3985, 2018
Pretreatments employed in lignocellulosic materials for bioethanol production: an overview
D Carrillo-Nieves, L Zumalacárregui-de Cárdenas, O Sánchez-Collazo, ...
ICIDCA. Sobre los Derivados de la Caña de Azúcar 48 (1), 71-79, 2014
Microalgae-mediated bioremediation of cattle, swine and poultry digestates using mono-and mixed-cultures coupled with an optimal mixture design
A López-Sánchez, AL Silva-Gálvez, JE Zárate-Aranda, C Yebra-Montes, ...
Algal Research 64, 102717, 2022
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