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Claudia Zaharia
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On the probabilistic stability of the monomial functional equation
C Zaharia
J. Nonlinear Sci. Appl 6 (1), 51-59, 2013
Plasticity in fecundity highlights the females’ importance in the spiny-cheek crayfish invasion mechanism
L Pârvulescu, M Pîrvu, LG Moroșan, C Zaharia
Zoology 118 (6), 424-432, 2015
Current limitations of the stone crayfish distribution in Romania: implications for its conservation status
L Pârvulescu, C Zaharia
Limnologica-Ecology and Management of Inland Waters 43 (3), 143-150, 2013
Is the distribution pattern of the stone crayfish in the Carpathians related to karstic refugia from Pleistocene glaciations?
L Pârvulescu, C Zaharia, A Satmari, L Drăguț
Freshwater Science 32 (4), 1410-1419, 2013
A journey on plate tectonics sheds light on European crayfish phylogeography
L Pârvulescu, JL Pérez‐Moreno, C Panaiotu, L Drăguț, A Schrimpf, ...
Ecology and Evolution 9 (4), 1957-1971, 2019
Distribution and ecological preferences of noble crayfish in the Carpathian Danube basin: biogeographical insights into the species history
L Pârvulescu, C Zaharia
Hydrobiologia 726, 53-63, 2014
Flash‐flood potential: a proxy for crayfish habitat stability
L Pârvulescu, C Zaharia, MI Groza, O Csillik, A Satmari, L Drăguț
Ecohydrology 9 (8), 1507-1516, 2016
The future of endangered crayfish in light of protected areas and habitat fragmentation
L Pârvulescu, EI Iorgu, C Zaharia, MC Ion, A Satmari, AM Krapal, ...
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 14870, 2020
Integrating catchment land cover data to remotely assess freshwater quality: A step forward in heterogeneity analysis of river networks
I Șandric, A Satmari, C Zaharia, M Petrovici, M Cîmpean, KP Battes, ...
Aquatic Sciences 81, 1-11, 2019
On some classes of nonlinear contractions in probabilistic metric spaces
D Miheț, C Zaharia
Fuzzy Sets and Systems 300, 84-92, 2016
Spatial ecology of Hydropsyche incognita (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae) in the Carpathians
M Pîrvu, C Zaharia, A Satmari, L Pârvulescu
European Journal of Entomology 112 (1), 106, 2015
Probabilistic (quasi) metric versions for a stability result of Baker
D Miheț, C Zaharia
Abstract and Applied Analysis 2012 (1), 269701, 2012
A note on the definition of a generalized fuzzy normed space
D Miheț, C Zaharia
Fuzzy Sets and Systems 238, 129-134, 2014
Headwater refuges: Flow protects Austropotamobius crayfish from Faxonius limosus invasion
A Satmari, K Miok, MC Ion, C Zaharia, A Schrimpf, L Pârvulescu
NeoBiota 89, 71-94, 2023
Using Additive Bayesian Networks and Association Rules in Antimicrobial Resistance Analysis
R Mureșan, C Zaharia, D Zaharie
2020 International Conference on e-Health and Bioengineering (EHB), 1-4, 2020
Analysis of Association Measures Used to Discover Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns
C Zaharia, R Muresan, R Moleriu, D Zaharie
2019 E-Health and Bioengineering Conference (EHB), 1-4, 2019
On the probabilistic stability of some functional equations
C Zaharia, D Miheƫ
Carpathian Journal of Mathematics, 125-132, 2013
Can Association Rules be Used to Improve Additive Bayesian Network Models?
C Zaharia, R Muresan, D Zaharie
2021 International Conference on e-Health and Bioengineering (EHB), 1-4, 2021
Risk of More Advanced Lesions at Hysterectomy after Initial Diagnosis of Non-Atypical Endometrial Hyperplasia in Patients with Postmenopausal Bleeding and Oral Anticoagulant …
A Carabineanu, C Zaharia, A Blidisel, R Ilina, C Miclaus, O Ardelean, ...
Medicina 57 (10), 1003, 2021
A Probabilistic Fixed Point Result Using Altering Distance Functions
C Zaharia, N Æiroviæ
Journal of Function Spaces 2015 (Article ID 919202), 2015
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