Mihai Polceanu
Mihai Polceanu
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Citat de
MirrorBot: Using Human-inspired Mirroring Behavior To Pass A Turing Test
M Polceanu
IEEE 2013 Conference on Computational Intelligence in Games, 201--208, 2013
Towards A Theory-Of-Mind-Inspired Generic Decision-Making Framework
M Polceanu, C Buche
IJCAI 2013 Symposium on AI in Angry Birds, 2013
Soybean plant disease identification using convolutional neural network
S Wallelign, M Polceanu, C Buche
The thirty-first international flairs conference, 2018
On constrained local model feature normalization for facial expression recognition
Z Pan, M Polceanu, C Lisetti
International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, 369-372, 2016
The Believability Gene in Virtual Bots.
M Polceanu, AM García, JL Jiménez, C Buche, AJF Leiva
FLAIRS Conference, 346-349, 2016
Regression and Mental Models for Decision Making on Robotic Biped Goalkeepers
JG Masterjohn, M Polceanu, J Jarrett, A Seekircher, C Buche, U Visser
RoboCup 2015: Robot Soccer World Cup XIX, 2015
Applying of an ontology based modeling approach to cultural heritage systems
DM Popovici, CM Bogdan, M Polceanu, R Querrec
Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering 11 (3), 105-110, 2011
3D Virtual Spaces Supporting Engineering Learning Activities
DM Popovici, JP Gerval, F Hamza-Lup, R Querrec, M Polceanu, ...
Int. J. of Computers, Communications & Control 4, 401-414, 2009
Computational mental simulation: A review
M Polceanu, C Buche
Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds 28 (5), e1732, 2017
ORPHEUS: Reasoning and Prediction with Heterogeneous rEpresentations Using Simulation
M Polceanu
ORPHEUS: mental simulation as support for decision-making in a virtual agent
M Polceanu, M Parenthoën, C Buche
The Twenty-Eighth International Flairs Conference, 2015
Learning distributed activities inside 3d virtual spaces
DM Popovici, JP Gerval, F Hamza-Lup, N Popovici, M Polceanu, R Zagan
Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Virtual Learning, 289-296, 2008
Coffee Grading with Convolutional Neural Networks using Small Datasets with High Variance
S Wallelign, M Polceanu, T Jemal, C Buche
International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision, 2019
Real time tennis match tracking with low cost equipment
M Polceanu, AO Petac, HB Lebsir, B Fiter, C Buche
FLAIRS-31, 197--200, 2018
An Interactive Virtual Training (IVT) Simulation for Early Career Teachers to Practice in 3D Classrooms with Student Avatars
A Delamarre, C Buche, M Polceanu, S Lunn, G Ruiz, S Bolivar, E Shernoff, ...
Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference, 400--403, 2017
A system for panoramic navigation inside a 3D environment
M Polceanu, A Popovici, DM Popovici
18th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and …, 2010
Interactive Informative Unit Based on Augmented Reality Technology
DM Popovici, M Polceanu
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Virtual Learning, 307-316, 2008
eEVA as a Real-Time Multimodal Agent Human-Robot Interface
P Peña, M Polceanu, C Lisetti, U Visser
RoboCup 2018: Robot World Cup XXII, 262--274, 2019
Fast Multi-scale fHOG Feature Extraction Using Histogram Downsampling
M Polceanu, F Harrouet, C Buche
RoboCup 2018: Robot World Cup XXII, 57--69, 2019
Temporal Deep Belief Network for Online Human Motion Recognition
F Lasson, M Polceanu, C Buche, P De Loor
30th International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society …, 2017
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