Mihail Simion Beldean-Galea
Mihail Simion Beldean-Galea
Associate Professor, Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering
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Citat de
Occurrence, distribution and ecological risk of trace metals and organic pollutants in surface sediments from a Southeastern European river (Someșu Mic River, Romania)
B Barhoumi, MS Beldean-Galea, AM Al-Rawabdeh, C Roba, IM Martonos, ...
Science of the Total Environment 660, 660-676, 2019
Retention and selectivity tests of silica‐based and metal‐oxide bonded stationary phases for RP‐HPLC
P Jandera, K Novotná, MS Beldean‐Galea, K Jíča
Journal of separation science 29 (6), 856-871, 2006
New psychoactive substances in several European populations assessed by wastewater-based epidemiology
S Castiglioni, N Salgueiro-González, L Bijlsma, A Celma, E Gracia-Lor, ...
Water Research 195, 116983, 2021
Chromatographic analysis of textile dyes
M Simion Beldean-Galea, FM Copaciu, MV Coman
Journal of AOAC International 101 (5), 1353-1370, 2018
Determination of four acidic nonsteroidal anti‐inflammatory drugs in wastewater samples by dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction based on solidification of floating organic …
MS Beldean‐Galea, V Coman, D Thiébaut, J Vial
Journal of separation Science 38 (4), 641-648, 2015
Variation of greenhouse gases in urban areas-case study: CO2, CO and CH4 in three Romanian cities
I Haiduc, MS Beldean-Galea
Air quality–models and applications, 289-318, 2011
Assessing impacts of triazine pesticides use in agriculture over the well water quality
A Dragus, MS Beldean-Galea, R Mihaiescu, T Mihaiescu, D Ristoiu
Environmental Engineering and Management Journal 11 (2), 319-323, 2012
Separation and determination of tocopherols in vegetable oils by solid phase extraction on porous polymers SPE cartridges and capillary gas chromatography analysis
MS Beldean-Galea, C Horga, MV Coman
Central European Journal of Chemistry 8 (5), 1110-1116, 2010
Comprehensive survey on radon mitigation and indoor air quality in energy efficient buildings from Romania
BD Burghele, M Botos, S Beldean-Galea, A Cucos, T Catalina, T Dicu, ...
Characterization of the fate of lipids in wastewater treatment using a comprehensive GCŚ GC/qMS and statistical approach
MS Beldean-Galea, J Vial, D Thiébaut, V Coman
Analytical Methods 5 (9), 2315-2323, 2013
Identification and quantification of tocopherols in vegetable oils by thin-layer chromatography
T Hodisan, D Casoni, M Beldean-Galea, C Cimpoiu
JPC-Journal of Planar Chromatography-Modern TLC 21 (3), 213-215, 2008
Simultaneous Determination of Four Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Three Estrogen Steroid Hormones in Wastewater Samples by Dispersive Liquid–Liquid Microextraction …
MS Beldean-Galea, R Klein, MV Coman
Journal of AOAC International 103 (2), 392-398, 2020
Occurrence and sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the Tisza River and its Romanian tributaries
MS Beldean-Galea, R Mihăiescu, V Arghiuș, A Croitoru, C Horvath, ...
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 227 (10), 1-10, 2016
Evaluation of indoor air pollutants in 100 retrofit residential buildings from Romania during cold season
MS Beldean-Galea, T Dicu, A Cucoș, BD Burghele, T Catalina, M Botoș, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 277, 124098, 2020
Physico-chemical characteristics of the Karst lake iGhiu (Romania)
A Mihaiescu, R., Pop, A.I., Mihaiescu, T., Muntean, E., Beldean, S., Muntean ...
Environmental Engineering and Management Journal 11 (3), 623-626, 2012
An innovative system for monitoring radon and indoor air quality
A Tunyagi, T Dicu, A Cucos, BD Burghele, G Dobrei, A Lupulescu, ...
Editura Academiei Române, 2020
Development of a screening method for the determination of xenobiotic organic pollutants in municipal landfill leachate using solvent extraction and comprehensive GCxGC-qMS …
MS Beldean-Galea, J Vial, D Thiebaut
Central European Journal of Chemistry 11 (10), 1563-1574, 2013
Comprehensive two-dimensional GC of supercritical fluid and pressurized liquid extracts of tobaccos
J Vial, D Thiébaut, P Sassiat, MS Beldean-Galea, MJ Gomez Ramos, ...
Journal of chromatographic science 48 (4), 267-273, 2010
Analysis of multiclass organic pollutant in municipal landfill leachate by dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction and comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography coupled …
MS Beldean-Galea, J Vial, D Thiébaut, MV Coman
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27 (9), 9535-9546, 2020
Retention and separation selectivity of natural phenolic antioxidants on zirconia based stationary phases
MS Beldean‐Galea, P Jandera, S Hodisan
Journal of liquid chromatography & related technologies 31 (6), 807-818, 2008
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