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Eva Lehndorff
Universität Bayreuth
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Microaggregates in soils
KU Totsche, W Amelung, MH Gerzabek, G Guggenberger, E Klumpp, ...
Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 181 (1), 104-136, 2018
Biomonitoring of air quality in the Cologne Conurbation using pine needles as a passive sampler—Part II: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)
E Lehndorff, L Schwark
Atmospheric Environment 38 (23), 3793-3808, 2004
Biomonitoring of air quality in the Cologne conurbation using pine needles as a passive sampler—Part I: magnetic properties
M Urbat, E Lehndorff, L Schwark
Atmospheric Environment 38 (23), 3781-3792, 2004
Steroid biomarkers revisited–Improved source identification of faecal remains in archaeological soil material
K Prost, JJ Birk, E Lehndorff, R Gerlach, W Amelung
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Accumulation histories of magnetic particles on pine needles as function of air quality
E Lehndorff, M Urbat, L Schwark
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Early and middle Holocene hunter-gatherer occupations in Western Amazonia: The hidden shell middens
U Lombardo, K Szabo, JM Capriles, JH May, W Amelung, R Hutterer, ...
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Towards reconstruction of past fire regimes from geochemical analysis of charcoal
M Wolf, E Lehndorff, GLB Wiesenberg, M Stockhausen, L Schwark, ...
Organic Geochemistry 55, 11-21, 2013
Accelerated soil formation due to paddy management on marshlands (Zhejiang Province, China)
A Kölbl, P Schad, R Jahn, W Amelung, A Bannert, ZH Cao, S Fiedler, ...
Geoderma 228, 67-89, 2014
Thermal degradation of rye and maize straw: lipid pattern changes as a function of temperature
GLB Wiesenberg, E Lehndorff, L Schwark
Organic Geochemistry 40 (2), 167-174, 2009
Accumulation of nitrogen and microbial residues during 2000 years of rice paddy and non‐paddy soil development in the Y angtze R iver D elta, C hina
PJ Roth, E Lehndorff, ZH Cao, S Zhuang, A Bannert, L Wissing, ...
Global Change Biology 17 (11), 3405-3417, 2011
Black carbon assessment using benzene polycarboxylic acids: Limitations for organic-rich matrices
A Kappenberg, M Bläsing, E Lehndorff, W Amelung
Organic Geochemistry 94, 47-51, 2016
Differentiation of charcoal, soot and diagenetic carbon in soil: Method comparison and perspectives
PJ Roth, E Lehndorff, S Brodowski, L Bornemann, L Sanchez-García, ...
Organic Geochemistry 46, 66-75, 2012
Loess-soil sequence at Toshan (Northern Iran): Insights into late Pleistocene climate change
S Vlaminck, M Kehl, T Lauer, A Shahriari, J Sharifi, E Eckmeier, ...
Quaternary International 399, 122-135, 2016
Accumulation histories of major and trace elements on pine needles in the Cologne Conurbation as function of air quality
E Lehndorff, L Schwark
Atmospheric Environment 42 (5), 833-845, 2008
Induction and diagnosis of apple replant disease (ARD): a matter of heterogeneous soil properties?
F Mahnkopp, M Simon, E Lehndorff, S Pätzold, A Wrede, T Winkelmann
Scientia horticulturae 241, 167-177, 2018
Black carbon accrual during 2000 years of paddy‐rice and non‐paddy cropping in the Yangtze River Delta, China
E Lehndorff, PJ Roth, ZH Cao, W Amelung
Global change biology 20 (6), 1968-1978, 2014
Microaggregate stability and storage of organic carbon is affected by clay content in arable Luvisols
L Krause, A Rodionov, SA Schweizer, N Siebers, E Lehndorff, E Klumpp, ...
Soil and Tillage Research 182, 123-129, 2018
Moisture activation and carbon use efficiency of soil microbial communities along an aridity gradient in the Atacama Desert
DL Jones, S Olivera-Ardid, E Klumpp, C Knief, PW Hill, E Lehndorff, R Bol
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 117, 68-71, 2018
The Agh Band loess-palaeosol sequence–A terrestrial archive for climatic shifts during the last and penultimate glacial–interglacial cycles in a semiarid region in northern Iran
T Lauer, S Vlaminck, M Frechen, C Rolf, M Kehl, J Sharifi, E Lehndorff, ...
Quaternary international 429, 13-30, 2017
Biomonitoring airborne parent and alkylated three-ring PAHs in the Greater Cologne Conurbation I: Temporal accumulation patterns
E Lehndorff, L Schwark
Environmental Pollution 157 (4), 1323-1331, 2009
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